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Azoth Staff in New World

Azoth Staff in New World

Azoth Staff is one of the most important items in the game, which is necessary for closing rifts in New World, you may also have access to expeditions with it. Rifts and Desecrate portals are different by the level and there is a common situation when you need friends or a group of 5 people to close them. It is possible to kill all the mobs inside this zone, but the rift or portal must be closed in any case, otherwise you will not receive necessary ingredients for a sphere craft (Amrine Tuning Orb) and always demanded Azoth. The methods of obtaining Azoth were mentioned in this article.

Desecrated Portal

There are two ways to obtain the Azoth Staff: either you can buy from a faction leader or complete the main quest chain. If you buy it from a faction leader, you will spend currency, which is needed to purchase more important objects. That is why is better off to pass the quest chain, performing which you will improve your level, you will earn Azoth money, and of course you will receive theAzoth Staff.

Azoth Staff

The quest chain itself for receiving Azoth Staff will be opened to you when you achieve 20 level. In the course of passing different tasks, you will need to move long distances. You will have to visit all the starting game zones: First Light, Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall and Windsward, and even Brightwood. Therefore, take care of opening game zones and shrines as much as you can beforehand. You have not to forget about the reserve of Azoths for the upcoming trips. And killing a lot of enemies (skeletons), the searching of lost tools and other various adventures will serve for you as a good addition in the course of passing quest chain.

After passing a quest for obtaining theAzoth Staff you will be awarded with a sphere (Amrine Tuning Orb), which gives access to expedition Amrine Excavation. Also, Azoth Staff may be improved. To realize it, you just need to increase your level by 30 and 40. It will open new tasks for Staff improvement. Do not forget to fulfil main quest chains, because there are will be upgrade of Azoth Staff quests precisely between them.