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Starting location First Light in New World

Starting location First Light in New World

First Light is one of 4 starting locations in the New World game. Here you can raise the level of your character from 1 to 25. First Light, like all other locations, is divided into different small regions with its own small world: Rose Landing, Dayspring, Charlottesburgh, Northfork, Millberry Hills, Elder's Bluff, Las Torres Bay, Light's Crown, Hoff Point, Rattlevine Ridge and Cape Thomas. These regions can be represented as a small settlement, and what remains of it, or they are mountains, fields, forests with their own flora and animals. There are also two teleports: Cape Thomas Shrine и Las Torres Lookout. And all this unites the main village First Light Settlement.

In the very beginning of the game, you get to the shipwreck site, and you are immediately sent to the lighthouse (First Light Watchtower), which is located in the southeast of the location. There you meet Nora Linch (Nora Linch) and she will give you various tasks to gain experience points, hence raise your level. Nora has a total of six missions, but that should be enough to reach levels 6-8 and to conduct a small young fighter course. You will learn to create objects, we recommend you to make at once 4 objects for skinning, cutting of trees, extraction of ore and collecting of various plants and their fruits. Then you are introduced to cooking and sent to fight with your enemies. By eliminating all the threats, you get the last task to trip to the main settlement of the gaming location: First Light Settlement, and already there you continue your journey.

The lighthouse at the beginning of the gaming path

The First Light Settlement looks like a small town with all the amenities. Here you can buy your own house or stay in a hotel, which will allow you to move quickly around the game world. You may improve the skills of any profession: cooking, weaving, alchemy, or create weapons with armor. Also, you may visit various faction leaders: Syndicate (Syndicate), Marauders (Marauders), Covenant (Covenant), and to choose your. In addition, you can use a special repository to not carry all resources always with you, or sell unnecessary items on a marketplace, in other words, at an auction. And, of course, talk to the various representatives of the settlement to take assignments from them to raise the level of your character. It is possible to take assignments not only from representatives of the town, but also from the leader of the faction or on the city board of tasks. If you perform fractional tasks, you will also receive a special fractional currency, which will be useful for purchasing items in their shop. It is also worth mentioning that there is a cow, two wells with water and a cart with food.

The main settlement in the First Light

On the game location itself, there are many resources scattered around that are necessary for cooking, sewing clothes or creating armor with weapons. Almost all different ores are present here: Iron Ore, Oil, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Starmetal Ore, Lodestone, Platinum and Orichalcum Ore. You may find here the resources for alchemy: Shockspire, Blightcrag, Earthcrag, Lifejewel и Springstone. To get Green Wood, Petrified Wood, Wyrdwood and Ironwood. Or to harvest from the farmlands: Berry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Corn, Honey, Potato, Squash, Strawberry. Here grows a lot of_Hemp, Herbs, Silkweed and Wirefiber. Do not forget about the fishing trip you need to make, where you have to make a fishing rod. There are also various notes with stories and treasure chests. One such note describes how the lighthouse was activated in the very first days.

This letter has faded with age.

_When we approached the lighthouse, we saw that it was unusual. Captain Isabella thought it was a lighthouse that could signal to others about approaching the shores... It’s encouraging to think she believes we won’t be alone. Maybe if we find a way to turn on this lighthouse, we will be more easily found by passing ships. The captain said that we would keep this action until we explored most of the island by ourselves, and only after we secured the island and clarified our claim, then it would serve others if she allowed. _>

_That night, the crew (quietly) whispered that perhaps they should use this lighthouse if she didn't want ... what they saw in Costa de los Ahogados was still chasing them, and they had no desire to stay and join the spirits if it was possible to avoid it. _

I share their worry too. But I am not expressing my thoughts. When I leave, I will do it without telling anyone, but I have to find a place where the captain will have be hard to track me down first.

R. Velasquez

Using the map below, you can look at the resources locations and any things that you are interested in.