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Where is Oil in New World?

Where is Oil in New World?

Oil – Oil is obtained from Seeping Stone, in a rare areas of ​​the game world. Such a field looks like a small depression in the ground with stones on the sides and a small amount of oil (Keep in mind, it's a black gold!) inside. Therefore, take a closer look, perhaps a whole oil field is hidden somewhere nearby. Depending on the area of ​​the deposit: small, regular or large, the reward and the time for collecting the resource increase.

Seeping stone New World

You can start extracting oil from level 20 of the mining skill (Mining). When your mining level catches 45, you will be able to track oil using the compass, which is located at the top center of the screen. This will greatly simplify the search for seeping stone. Therefore, you should first think about pumping your mining skill to 45, and then stock up some oil or maybe even sell on the trading floor. Oil is also used in many recipes for furniture, potions and magic weapons.

Oil trading on the market

Oil could be found in few initial zones:

A large seeping stone is located in the game zone Weaver's Fen, and a slightly smaller field in Cultlass Keys. The competition for oil, as in the real world, will be fierce, so never miss on a chance to extract it. The minimum recharge of even the smallest oil field takes about 9 minutes.

Respawn (Cooldown) time for seeping stone is random

But within a range:

  • From 8m to 12m for small one, while extraction will take 35s
  • From 11m to 15m for medium field, spending 45s on it
  • From 12m to 17m after harvesting large one and it will take 70s

For extraction you will also get mining XP and char XP:

  • 105XP and 20 for small seeping stone
  • 158XP and 25 for medium oil deposit
  • 237XP and 35 for big lake of oil

Also keep in mind that numbers above is base ones, they will change in game based on your trading skills level. You will get more XP and gathering will take less time

Here is a map to help you found oil easily! Such a map for each resource could be found in our database, so don't forget to checkout it out!