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Starting location Windsward in New World

Starting location Windsward in New World

Windsward is known by its abandoned farms, ranches and varied landscapes, from coastal rocks to plains with rocky forests, and fields with bison. This is one of 4 starting locations in the New World game, and besides the smallest one, so you don't need to run far to complete your tasks. The Windsward is situated right above the First Light, and they are both on their ownAeternum. The location is divided by 9 gaming areas: Fury Bay, Cascade Harbor, Noblereach, Stoutmarch, Greenhaven, Eldergate, Perilbrook, Grenville, Primrose and contains one teleport Hermit's Shrine. There is also and The Amrine Excavation Expedition which opens from level 25. Here you can upgrade your character from level 1 to level 25.

The starting location where you appear is called Fury Bay, and is located in the southeast of the game location. After the introductory video, you are directed to the lighthouse (Watchtower), where you get the first assignments from *Tahir (Tahir Fayed). During the execution of tasks, you will have to make initial tools for resource collection. It's recommended making everything at once: a sickle, a pickaxe, a knife and an ax, especially since it takes only 5 stones and 5 sticks. Next you are acquainted with cooking, it is also a cuisine, and then you are directed to the main village Windsward Settlement. And if you want to go fishing, you can talk to a local fisherman who is throwing his fishing rod near the main settlement.

The local fisherman from Windsward

The main settlement of the Windsward Settlement location consists of everything that will be necessary for you. There is a hotel here where you can stay, or you can buy your own house. By the way, a hotel and your own home are two good moving methods around the game world. There is also a special repository, where you can leave the part of your resources to not carry them with you, or sell unnecessary items on auction. There are various stations for the manufacture of items, weapons or armor. You can forge iron, create something from wood, melt wood and iron, make magic potions, you can sew clothes, or any other things related to upgrade of professions. You can find a cow, honey, two wells, and a Fibers cart. And of course, eventually, you’ll be sent to talk to the faction leaders: Syndicate (Syndicate), Marauders (Marauders), Covenant (Covenant) and choose which one you want to be a member of. The faction leader, like ordinary town representatives, has tasks to complete. But if you fulfill them, you will get not only experience, but also faction points, which will allow you to buy something in their store.

The main settlement in the Windsward

If you look at the gaming locationWindsward by the amount of minerals and resources, there are enough of them. The ore which is possible to collect: Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Starmetal Ore, Lodestone, Platinum and Orichalcum Ore. The resources for alchemy: Shockspire, Blightcrag, Earthcrag, Scorchstone, Lifejewel and Springstone. The tree is represented in the form of_Young Trees_, Mature Trees, Wyrdwood and Ironwood. Such plants as: Hemp, Herbs, Silkweed and Wirefiber grow. Various food or ingredients for cooking: Berry, Blueberry, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Corn, Honey, Potato, Squash, Strawberry and other resources.

You can find notes with stories everywhere, so don’t forget to read them. Keep an eye out for treasure chests, and after reaching level 25, join the expedition The Amrine Excavation Expedition. Perhaps your help will be needed in the occupation of the fort. A fort is a place where factions fight for control of the land. Or close desecrated rifts and portals. Using the map below, you can look at the resources locations and any things that you are interested in.