Weapon skills calculator - skill builder

The skills calculator below will help you to properly plan the assignment of skill points for each weapon tree. For each weapon in the game. New World, unlike many other MMOs, forces you to create a character with a broad outlook. Keep in mind that up to level 10 of each weapon respec (skills reset) is free and all points will become available to be spent once again. But after you will have to spend Azoth and every mistakenly upgraded skill may cost you. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to think twice about the path you want to make

Our calculator precisely shows you what could be upgraded and what’s not. In fact, this is the irreplaceable instrument for each streamer and content maker! But why we made it? We had a look around and saw how our competitors like nwcalc, nwdb and newworldfans implemented their calculators. And we decided that there is a big room for improvement which will benefit all players. Somehow we hope that you will like the way implemented even more than you like it in a game! Please, feel free to join our discord (button located on the main page of the website) and share your feedback with us!

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