All recommended daily tasks for end-game players in New World

Ever forget to do some daily activities in New World? Here is a list of all the most important daily activities in the New World, make sure you forget nothing with New World Guide Database!

Icon for item "Asmodeum"
Icon for item "Runic Leather"
Runic Leatherx10
Icon for item "Phoenixweave"
Icon for item "Glittering Ebony"
Glittering Ebonyx10
Icon for item "Runestone"
Icon for item "Runestone Stopwatch"
Runestone Stopwatchx1
Icon for item "Obsidian Gypsum"
Obsidian Gypsum
L60+ Open W Boss - Obsidian (45 mins)
x3 = 1 Gypsum Orb
Icon for item "Sapphire Gypsum"
Sapphire Gypsum
Expedition - Saphire (1 hour)
x2 = 2 Gypsum Orbs
Icon for item "Ruby Gypsum"
Ruby Gypsum
Outpost Rush - Ruby (90 mins)
x2 = 2 Gypsum Orbs
Icon for item "Garnet Gypsum"
Garnet Gypsum
PvP Arena - Garnet (15 mins)
x2 = 2 Gypsum Orbs
Icon for item "Emerald Gypsum"
Emerald Gypsum
Trade Skill Aptitude - Emerald (20 mins)
x1 = 1 Gypsum Orb
Icon for item "Topaz Gypsum"
Topaz Gypsum
Kill lvl60+ mobs with Topaz Potion - Topaz (20 mins)
x10 = 2 Gypsum Orbs
Icon for item "Citrine Gypsum"
Citrine Gypsum
PvE Arena - Citrine (20 mins)
x2 = 2 Gypsum Orbs
Icon for item "Diamond Gypsum"
Diamond Gypsum
Daily harvest or seasonal events - Diamond (5 mins)
x3 = 1 Gypsum Orb
Icon for item "Amethyst Gypsum"
Amethyst Gypsum
Closed Corrupted Breaches - Amethyst (20 mins)
x7 = 1 Gypsum Orb
Icon for item "Gypsum Orb"
Gypsum Orb
Buy 2 from Faction Vendor
x2 = 2 Gypsum Orbs
Faction Quests
x3 = Daily Bonus
Icon for item "Major Breach Cache (Level: 60)"
Major Breach Cache (Level: 60)
Corrupted Breaches / Elite Chests
x2 = 500 Gold
Tempest Heart / Barnacles and Black Powder
Unlimited Orbs
Mines - Shattered Mountain - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Myrkgard - Shattered Mountain - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
imp (Imperial Palace) - Ebonscale Reach - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Mangled Heights - Great Cleave - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Pools - Reekwater - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Sirens/Pirates - Reekwater - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Malevolence - Edengrove - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Helios - Brimstone Sands - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
Sulfur Pools - Brimstone Sands - Chest Run or WT/CR/ECR
So you’ve hit Level 60! Congratulations! The world of Aeternum is now completely open to you. Here are the highlights of what life is like in the endgame. At Level 60 you have access to several new expeditions: Garden of Genesis in Edengrove, The Lazarus Instrumentality in Reekwater, Tempest’s Heart in Shattered Mountain, and Barnacles and Black Powder in Cutlass Keys. Keep an eye out for the circular red icon around two Expeditions at a time on the map—this means that Expedition is currently Mutated and offers higher difficulties but greater rewards. Some of the best endgame rewards come from the end bosses in Mutated Expeditions (more on that later). At Level 60, you gain access to Outpost Rush. You can queue for the mode from any Faction representative, or some NPCs in Northern outposts, or the Modes tab on the nav bar. You can enter a queue solo or with a group of up to five. The mode is a 20v20 PvPvE instanced battleground. There are three outposts which can be claimed to generate points for your team. They can be upgraded via gathering resources in the area and adding them to the gates, cannons, and more. To win, you’ll need to claim and hold these outposts, and the first team to 1,000 points wins the match. As long as you make a minimum contribution of 500 points for your team, either through PvP or PvE, you will get rewards at the end of the match. When a territory is under attack from the Corrupted, you can sign up at the local War Board or the Upcoming Wars tab on the Map Screen to help defend the territory. Any faction can sign up, and there are 40 open slots chosen by the system each time. Invasions come in 6 waves, and the fort must be defended from being claimed by the Corrupted. If they do, the local settlement will experience random downgrades to its crafting stations or local lifestyle buffs. There is a number next to each equippable gear slot in your inventory. This number is the expertise for each type of gear. This number is the highest Gear Score (GS) you can equip in each slot effectively. As you get loot from Level 61+ enemies, you will have a chance of receiving gear of slightly higher Gear Score than your current expertise, which will bump your expertise to be equal to the Gear Score of the gear you got. Event chests as in Outpost Rush can also give you an expertise ‘bump.’ • Level 61 Enemies drop: 500-530 Gear Score items • Level 62 Enemies drop: 530-560 Gear Score items • Level 63 Enemies drop: 560-591 Gear Score items • Level 64 Enemies drop: 590-600 Gear Score items You are able to equip gear at higher Gear Scores than your current expertise that you acquire through Trading, but it will not be effective beyond your current expertise score, and it will not increase your expertise score. Enemies found in elite landmarks and expeditions have a higher base chance of increasing your Expertise score, as do level 60+ named enemies. Expedition Bosses will ALWAYS drop an item that increases your Expertise, and Expeditions themselves will ALWAYS provide 3 items (1 from the aforementioned Bosses) throughout each run. The chance of receiving an expertise drop from an Elite Chest is higher than from defeating an Elite enemy. 500-525 Gear Score (Elite 61+) - Great Cleave: Mangled Heights, Shattered Mountain: Upper Svikin 525-549 Gear Score (Elite 62+) - Ebonscale Reach: Imperial Palace, Edengrove: Malevolence 549-577 Gear Score (Elite 63+) - Reekwater: Forecastle Drift, Shattered Mountain: Scorched Mines 577-591 Gear Score (Elite 64+) - Shattered Mountain: Myrkgard, Reekwater: Eternal Pool, Reekwater: Siren’s Stand 591+ Gear Score - Edengrove: Malevolence, Ebonscale Reach: Imperial Palace, Ebonscale Reach: North Dynasty Shipyard, Edengrove: Garden of Genesis, Reekwater: Lazarus Instrumentality, Edengrove: Monoecious Cleft Spriggan Arena, Reekwater: The Amphitheatre Arena, Edengrove: Eternal Pools Arena Gypsum is the way to increase your expertise in a specific gear type. Gypsum comes in different varieties, each of which can be used at a Gypsum Kiln to craft a Gypsum Orb. You’ll need a certain quantity of each type in order to craft 1 Gypsum Orb. A Gypsum Orb can then be used to create a Gypsum Cast of a specific gear type, which once consumed will grant a guaranteed Expertise bump for the chosen gear type and grant a new piece of gear of the higher gear score. You can obtain Gypsum in various quantities by engaging in different activities as follows: •Obsidian Gypsum, 3 per day – Level 60+ open-world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmarks. •Sapphire Gypsum, 2 per day – Lazarus Instrumentality and Garden of Genesis final bosses. •Ruby Gypsum, 2 per day – Outpost Rush (must get at least 501 points in the match). •Emerald Gypsum, 1 per day – Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Checkpoints. •Citrine Gypsum, 2 per day – PvE arenas. •Amethyst Gypsum, 7 per day – Closing Corrupted Breaches. •Topaz Gypsum, 5 per day – Go to an Arcana Station or Tier 5 camp to craft an Attunement Potion. Drink the potion, then kill level 55+ enemies who will drop Topaz Gypsum. •Diamond Gypsum, 3 per day – You can obtain Diamond Gypsum by gathering any type of node in Aeternum. This usually changes during Seasonal Events such as the Winter Convergence. •Garnet Gypsum, 2 per day – 3v3 PVP Arenas. Umbral Shards can be used to upgrade any piece of gear which has a minimum Gear Score of 590, up to a maximum of 625. If the gear is equipped when upgraded, it will increase your Expertise score as well. Umbral Shards can be obtained from OPR, opening High Level Elite Chests, Mutated Expeditions, Crafting High-Level Gear, and from opening Gypsum Casts for gear slots whose Expertise is level 600 or higher.
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