All New World expeditions with mobs, mutations, and loot

Dive into New World expeditions with information about monsters, differences based on mutation level and items dropped by mobs upon being slain. You can adjust mutation level on the left after selecting expedition (just click on card with expedition name below!)

In MMOs, dungeons are typically areas or locations within the game that are designed for small groups of players to explore and complete challenges together. In the game New World dungeons are named Expeditions and they have a specific theme and story associated with each of them. Each feature a series of challenges and obstacles that a party of players must overcome in order to progress through the dungeon and reach the end. These challenges include fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and completing other tasks, and they are designed to be difficult and require teamwork and cooperation between players. Dungeons also have unique rewards and other incentives for players to complete them, such as equipment with small drop chances, special achievements, etc Get to know the smallest details of each and every expedition with info about mobs and loot drops unique to specific mutations. Discover monsters' weaknesses, differences between dungeons, and mutations. New World Guide tools will help you to master every M10 (short way to name the highest mutation level)!
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