Gaming tools for New World to deal with all main aspects of the game

New World gaming tools for adventurers of Aeternum of all experience levels. Currently, we have only a tool for researching expedition information. But make sure to check our guides and builds available from the top bar menu. Crafting calculator and drop chances calculator for loot and resources integrated into New World Database. And also you will LOVE our viewer for 3D models which will help you to make sure that you're prepared before the release of transmog during the Summer of 2023!

Get to know smallest details of each and every expedition with info about mobs and loot drops unique to specific mutations. Discover their weaknesses, differences between dungeons and mutations. New World Guide tools will help you to master every M10 (short way to name the highest mutation level)! Those gaming tools for New World are available for free and will be updated with new features and content on a regular basis - and fully based on your feedback. Be stronger with New World Guide!
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