New World DB with all items, skill builder, craft calculator

Map with location of each resource: iron ore, petalcap, gold, platinum, etc. Database with all in-game items, do your own research and be prepared ahead of any updates and ahead of any event.

The first crafting calculator which fully (and consistently) mimics game mechanics. Replacable ingredients (like in game). Chain of crafting: there's nothing like it in game, wow, much useful! Simple open any craftable item in DB and you will see craft calculations for it. Also we provide universal skill builder with top rated (by reddit users) visuals.

Our skill builder has possibility to share a link to build you made very simple and intuitive, we are pretty sure you'll like it. Also you may find all the latest and the best guides about the game New World, recent news, library of each item (DB) in the game. In case you encounter any bug, incorrect info or, just want to chat with us then join our Discord server!