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Arena Regen Potion

Restores 160 health +0.7% of your max health and 2.5 Mana per second for 10 seconds. Can only be used inside of 3v3 Arenas.

Tier: IV
Grant effect:
Prime Health Regeneration
Prime Health Regeneration

Provides a significant amount of health and mana over time

Maximum Stacks: 1
3v3 PvP Arena
3v3 PvP Arena

Arena Regen Potion GS400 T4 Rare

Information about Arena Regen Potion GS400 on New World database with locations to obtain, drop chances, crafting calculator and additional info below. Find out where to get or how to craft Arena Regen Potion GS400. Consumables Potions of MMO New World. Tier 4 Rare Item

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