There are a ton of rewards awaiting adventurers in the season pass of New World. Let's dive and take look at total rewards from both free and premium tracks. Also, we calculated the total from both tracks, so you will know in advance what awaits you in the battle pass and is it worth for you to buy the premium one

Rewards in Season 1 New World BP

Note before we start: you hover over any link to see a preview of the item. For all skins, weapons, armor, etc you can find 3D models by following the link to the specific item

Total rewards for 100 levels of FREE track of first season pass 

Total rewards for 100 levels of the PREMIUM track of the first season pass 


How much Battle Pass costs in New World?

20000 Marks of Fortune which is around ±20 US dollars

If I complete all levels of Free Track will I get premium?

As you can see above, you will get only 2500 Marks of Fortune from Free Track and 5000 Marks of Fortune from Premuim Track. Which means you will need to complete 8 seasons up to level 100 to be able to buy a single Premuim for free. And even if you buy premium one, you will only get back 5000 Marks of fortune in addition which essentially means 25% discount to buy a premium pass for the next season. Hopefully AGS will increase the gain of Marks of Fortune in season 2 at least to something like 7500 or 10000 Marks for free Track so f2p players who bought the game have better chances to get rewards from Premium track

What is a season pass in New World?

A season pass (while technically incorrect, because the term battle pass is typically used to describe NW's system) is the system to provide players with a structured progression system and a way to earn in-game rewards. Pass of every season is tied to a specific time-limited season within the game, during which adventurers can earn various rewards by completing challenges and basically simply playing the game. Season pass in the New World has two tracks: a free track and a premium track. The free track is accessible to all players and offers a limited set of rewards, while the premium track requires a one-time purchase and offers an additional set of exclusive rewards, including exclusive cosmetics, in-game currency, and other items. Breakdown summary for both tracks you can see above

What level do you get the camp skin from Season 1 Battle psas?

You will get the camp skin on the level 10 of the premium track. There's no camp skin on the free track of battle pass in the first New World Season

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