Here's how to level up to 60 fast! It is not recommended for players who are more casual or want to take their time. This guide is aimed at players who want to get to endgame the fastest or already have a level 60 character on another server. Also, it is highly recommended you bring a core group of friends to help you out on your journey, especially for the expedition sections of this guide because finding a random pug group in group finder can sometimes take a while. So now, let's dive into it.

Installing and running Overwolf          

First thing you want to do is to install Overwolf. Make sure Overwolf is running before you start the game as it can cause technical issues if you don’t. Once you log into your character and see the mini-map, click the “Stream Location” button on the upper right side of the mini-map. If there is a green light located at the bottom, it means it is working. If not, please contact me through discord if you have any issues. You can check out how to install Overwolf by clicking on this link here:



Type in to bring up a secondary map. Make sure you have "Enable Location Tracking" and "Auto Center Map On Player" options on. Click hide all to get rid of the clutter you may not want. Then turn on the iron ore and document filters. When you click on documents, click select all. It is highly recommended you get a second monitor so you can see the map more easily.


Picking Up Lore Pages

One of the first things you would want to do is pick up any lore pages you can find. They usually have a blue glow to them. They add up to excellent experience overtime. You can utilize to help you find them, but if you don’t have that for some reason, they can be found in caves, carts on the side of the road expeditions, houses, settlements. You will easily bump into quite a few while you are questing so try not to skip any you see on your questing adventures.

Point of Interest

if you see a question mark on your map, that is a point of interest. Go to it to get experience.


Completing Main Story and Side Quests

Main Story and Side Quests are now an excellent way to gain experience. The days are doing town board missions to level up fast are over. The most efficient way I find in leveling up through questing is pick up all the quests in an area and complete them all at the same time. You don’t want to run back and forth completing and picking up quests because it will waste time.


Gathering and Crafting

Gathering and crafting will also help you gain experience. Though, I wouldn’t focus solely on this as the experience you gain is minimal. Make sure you get or craft the gathering tools such as the skinning knife, logging axe, mining pickaxe, and sickle. I would recommend skinning any wildlife you kill, mining any iron ore you encounter, harvest any Hemp or Hysop Plants you see. Then go to a settlement and start refining the materials. Everything in total adds up to a bunch of experience.


Adventurer’s Satchel

Along your journey to level 60, you will accumulate items such as gear, materials, and resources that will fill up your inventory quickly. That’s the time you should get yourself an extra Adventurer’s Satchel. You are allocated three satchel slots at level 10, level 30, and level 45. You can get the basic satchels doing certain quests. You can also craft better bags using the armoring station (also known as the outfitting station), but it will require you to buy Rune of Holding at the Trading Post, or it can be purchased using faction tokens at a faction vendor. To save you time, I would just use the ones you acquire from doing quests, buying ones from the Trading Post, or asking a friend to craft

you one.


Town Boards

Even though town board quests got nerfed in terms of experience, I would still pick them up along side my other quest and complete them if they were conveniently placed in the same area as another quest.


Completing Faction Missions

Once you are level 17 or 18, join a faction so you can do the faction quest. They are located in and outside the settlement of Oxford (formerly known as Everfall). Once you complete the initiate quests for One of the factions, you can now do the faction quests. Do the quests along side with the other quests in the area to maximize the experience gained. You can reject a faction quest and get a new one if you don’t like that quest, but it will put you on a 4-minute timer.



Expeditions are not only a good way to gain gear, it is also a great way to gain experience. A good way to maximize this is see if a faction board of the expedition area has a quest that coincides with it. Sometimes, there will be three expedition quests on the faction board further maximizing your experience.


Doing Corruption Portals

+On your way to level 45, doing corruption portals is a great way to level up along with everything else listed above. I would make sure if there aren’t any corruption portals zergs. To find out if there is a zerg going, click on your map, check if there is a red corruption portal blinking. It usually means there is a group or zerg fighting it. You can also solo the portals if you feel strong enough to take them down by yourself though corruption gear is recommended.


The Depths

Once you are level 45, go to Shiread Shrine located Northeast of the Restless Shore Settlement. Right outside the waterfall of The Depths Expedition, you will see a small Crocodile named Nekumanesh. He will give you a repeatable quest. It will require you to collect three chunks of meat from a corruption demon and the two main bosses. Make sure you pick up the items or you won’t finish the quest. Keep doing the repeatable quest after each run of The Depths alongside your main story quest until you reach level 53.


Dynasty Shipyard

Once you reach level 53, go to Imperial Shrine located on the Southwest of the Ebonscale Reach Settlement. Run past the enemies on the beach and the port until you get to the end of the port which is the Dynasty Shipyard entrance. Near the entrance, you will see a guy named Guo The Liberator. He will give you a repeatable quest where you have to acquire three shackles from the three lieutenants named Summoner Yau, Spearman Chu, and Lieutenant Bolin. Make sure you pick up the shackles from their corpses to complete the quest. Also you want to have a core group who know what they are doing because you want each run to last between 15 to 20 minutes. You won’t be doing any of the main bosses because it takes longer. When you first load into Dynasty Shipyard, run past the first set of mobs to Summoner Yau. After you kill Summoner Yau, proceed to Spearman Chu, then Lieutenant Bolin. Make sure you don’t hit any of the checkpoints or it will take a longer time resetting the dungeon. For lieutenant Bolin, have someone taunt one of the dogs to bring him to you. After you kill him, jump in the water to reset the dungeon. Do this for a couple of hours and you should reach level 60.


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