1. Introduction

This New World leveling guide has been made updated for Brimstone Sands and fresh servers.

Armoring allows you to create different types of light, medium, and heavy armor. You also craft bagsbags for increased inventory space and gemstone dustgemstone dust for increased elemental resistance. A lot has changed since New World launched so if you are leveling armoring on a fresh start server, this is the guide for you.

If you prefer a visual guide, here is a New World Armoring Leveling Guide. For those who prefer a written post, continue to read below.

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2. Important General Leveling Tips

Let’s start with the biggest change coming to New World’s Brimstone Sands. Amazon has implemented a first time craft bonus where you receive double the experience for crafting an item. When making linen gloves for the first time, you receive 216 experience rather than 108. Although this change is huge for all trade skills, it is especially important for armoring because there are so many armor pieces available to craft. This change applies to each leveling tier. From levels 0-200, the first craft of each item grants you this double experience bonus so take advantage of it. As you transition to the next leveling tier, craft every piece of armor and thank Amazon for all the free experience.

While leveling armoring, town board quests grant massive amounts of armoring experience for a relatively low amount of resources. The system unfortunately is limited as there is a 30 minute timer for the town board quests to reset. They are also random. So on one reset of quests you may see no armoring missions while on another reset you might get two. However, supplement these town board quests with the normal leveling process to save time, resources, and gold.


One thing to note is that there are many people who advice to spec to 100 focus when crafting in bulk. However, this tip does NOT work so don’t bother with it. The 100 focus attribute bonus you receive only applies to repair part


Finally, the perfect salvage system is another way to gain free armoring experience. As you salvage items, you may receive scraps from items you “perfectly salvage.” This system is completely random, but when you do perform a perfect salvage, the item returns scraps that can be used to grant additional armoring experience. Using them while leveling armoring saves you time and resources.

3. New World Armoring Leveling Process

In the Brimstone Sands expansion, crafting glovesgloves still provide the most armoring experience per resource used. The type of gloves depends on what you prefer to gather. If you prefer to gather leatherleather, then craft medium gloves. If you prefer to gather linenlinen, then craft the light gloveslight gloves. I always had an easier time gathering leather from animals than linenlinen and silksilk so I prefer crafting medium gloves. But it’s up to you!

One quick note. The links in the following section take you directly to the crafting calculator where you can see all the components necessary for the item.

Levels 0 - 50

From levels 0 to 50, we will start by crafting each piece of armor to obtain the first time craft bonus. You can craft the armor pieces at the outfitting station and forge. Crafting every piece of armor should provide enough experience to level you close to level 50. Whatever experience remains, we will craft coarse leather gloves.


Once you are level 50, transition to the next tier level because Amazon has reduced the amount of experience you receive from crafting a tier below your actual level. This same experience reduction applies when you reach levels 100 and 150. 

Levels 50 - 100

From levels 50 to 100, we will craft 245 rugged leather glovesrugged leather gloves after you craft each piece of armor for the first time craft bonus. 245 rugged leather gloves requires:


Levels 100 - 150

Here is where the armoring leveling process begins to slow down. If you have not been following the tips I explained in the first part of this post, I seriously recommend you do so now to save countless hours, resources, and gold. There is a large amount of raw materials we will need to gather for this leveling tier, and if you are not following those tips, you are basically wasting hours of your life.

From levels 100 to 150, we will craft 390 layered leather gloves layered leather gloves after crafting each piece of armor for the first time craft bonus. 390 layered leather gloves require:


As you gather the leatherleather, be on the lookout for the tier IV hidestier IV hides which can be substituted for layered leatherlayered leather. Once you are level 150, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, but our work is not yet finished.

Levels 150 - 200

From levels 150 to 200, there are a few things we need to do. First, craft every piece of armor for the first time craft bonus to include the expedition replica armor if you have the mats for it.


If you like to spam dungeons, you will obtain specific materials, like ancient talismansancient talismans and sticky vinessticky vines, to craft these special replicas. Crafting these special replicas provides the most experience for all resources needed. These materials also can be traded. Snipe them off the trading post for quick crafts that grant lots of experience.

If you don’t have access to these materials, then craft 720 infused leather glovesinfused leather gloves. This requires:


It is possible to replace infused leather with tier V hidesleather with tier V hides, but it’s not recommended because we will want to save those materials for doing our daily runic leatherrunic leather crafts.

4. Expedition Armor Replicas

So you might be wondering which method, expedition replicas or infused leather gloves, is most efficient. It is a nuanced discussion and it all depends on whether or not you can obtain the expedition materials. The most efficient method is to gather the leather, linen, and iron while friends or company members are spamming dungeons for the expedition materials. Once you have them all, craft the expedition armor replica.


If you are solo and trying to be one of the first level 200 armorers, then your best option is to gather the leather, linen, and iron while attempting to snipe the expedition materials from the TP. If you can’t obtain the expedition materials, then crafting the infused leather gloves is your best option. However, if you don’t care about being one of the first on the servers, then gather the raw materials and craft the gloves while you wait for the expedition materials to appear on the market.

5. 595 - 600 Crafts

Finally, your armoring journey wouldn’t be complete without the entire armor outfit. In Brimstone Sands, you can obtain this set in different ways, but the fastest way is to farm the mobs who drop the gear. You obtain the armorer hat armorer hat while farming Leviathan of the Deep in Shattered Mountains.

Armor Hat.png

You obtain the armorer shirtarmorer shirt by farming The Siren’s Pinky in Reekwater.

Armor Shirt.png

You obtain the armorer glovesarmorer gloves by farming The Siren’s Hand in Reekwater.

Armor Gloves.png

You obtain the pantspants by farming The Siren’s Pistol in Reekwater.

Armor Pants.png

You obtain the armorer shoesarmorer shoes by farming Abiogenesis in Edengrove.

Armor Boots.png

To complete the set, you will need to either craft or obtain an earring with a perk granting armoring mastery to increase your armor craft by 5. Don’t forget the food buff by eating spicy cabbage soupspicy cabbage soup and your armor trophiesarmor trophies, and then you are good to craft those end game weapons at 595 to 600.

That’s it for this comprehensive armoring guide for the Brimstone Sands expansion of New World. Subscribe to Spookypops on YouTube for more New World content.

Hope you enjoyed your leveling process!

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