Coin Making New World

Another Coin making tutorial telling you how you can become rich in New World, lets try making this a little different to the normal “Cliché” Guide of me telling you what works for me and how it could make you rich.

In New World the economy is driven by the players and this changes by the hour. Everything has a changing factor to the economy like Youtube Videos, New Releases, Server Transfers and More…

I am going to concentrate on a few factors you should be looking for and how you can take advantage for yourself and also giving you a few guides on my channel I have made (which now could or couldn’t work)

The Only Guaranteed Coin Maker

I am going to be honest here the only real way to make 100% coin in New World is do the content, Chest runs, Normal Dungeons, 3 x Faction Quests per day, OPR, Daily CoolDowns and Farming (pure Grind). All of the previous are FREE to play and give you a Guaranteed Coin income lets break it down –

Faction Quests Daily = 800+ Coins

Normal Dungeon Per Run = 1000+ Coins

Chest Runs Per Day = ??? How lucky are you 😊

Mutation Dungeons Per Run = 1000+ Coin (chance for BIS BOE Gear)

OPR per = 300 + Coin

Daily Cooldowns = AsmodeumAsmodeum, Glittery EbonyGlittery Ebony, Runic LeatherRunic Leather and Phoenixweave Phoenixweave

“You can sell your daily cooldown to someone for up to 500 coins per full cooldown, sometimes more, sometimes less but its something for nothing” or you can get all the mats and craft them yourself and sell the Legendary Mats at the end. This all depends on time and effort again. Also don’t forget with this you are selling your daily cooldown so if you have a full set of Refining armour like Smelters Set + First Light Fort you will get 20% bonus which means you craft 10 x Admodeum for the sale 500Coin and get 2 x Bars for yourself (270coin per on my server).

All of the above are 100% Guaranteed and a nice little income.

Farming is its own factor in this as you need to put some time in to get anything out but see this video below about a spot that could potentially give you the upper hand. But farming in general you check the TP see what is needed and go out and spend some time gathering, killing or collecting then sell it for pure profit.

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Money Making Ideas with Potential

Every time you think “lets search for coin making in New World” you are going to hit the same wall, Does it work on my server? Do I have enough time to sink into the idea or its just a scam? But we have to remember that every video is made from trial and error. I have linked below 2 Potential Coin making Ideas. they may or may not work for you, but try and take the idea and maybe try to make your own twist on the concept.

" Easy Coin Making Tutorial "

So the basis of the Easy Coin Making Tutorial is using the following method:

1 x Infused Arcana FragmentsInfused Arcana Fragments

5 x Vials of Suspended AzothVials of Suspended Azoth

To create AsmodeumAsmodeum

By using the Arcana Station you can create Case of AsmodeumCase of Asmodeum which will give you 1x Amodeum Bars. With this you have to make sure that the cost of the above mats come to 30+ Coin less then the cost of Asmodeum does on your server to make that lovely juicy profit.

What i would suggest is if you are going to get the most out of this is placing BUY ORDERS for the things you need like 1000 x Vials of Suspended Azoth and 200 x Infused Arcana Fragments and doing a massive craft session making 200 x Asmodeum bars (to sell of use yourself)

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" Another Coin Making Scheme with Calc"

So previously i have made a couple of calculators to help with costs and profit margins for alot of the Refining stations but this time it is one specific item SulfurSulfur, at the moment with the Brimstone hype still in full flow and people making there heartrunes Sulfur is in pretty high demand. So i went around trying to figure out the best way to make some coin:

So i made this :

Sulfur Profit Margin Calculator<br>
Sulfur Profit Margin Calculator

So the idea behind the above is -

SulfurSulfur Costs : 39.4 (we are going to Divide this by 3)

So we divided this by 3 because in reality with all your Smelter Kit on and using Obsidian flux you get a 73% crafting bonus which is near 3 quarters extra. So i chose 3 so the profit is always a little more then the Calc actually gives you.

Sulfur Chunk CostSulfur Chunk Cost : 13.13333 (if you can buy the chunks for this or less you are in profit)

Then the main bulk of the Calculator is as follwos:

Suflur Chunks : 11.7 Coin i brought them all for and i brought 800

Then the Calculator will automatically work out the number of crafted Sulfur with bonus:

Sulfur Crafted : 276.6

So now we want to find out what sort of profit we are going to me making here -

11.7*800 = 9360

9360 +(9360/100*3.7) = 9706.32

(276.6*39.4)-9706.32 = 1191.72 Profit

So if you can use the math and work it out there is good easy Coin to be made from this style of Trading post flipping.

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Behind the Concepts

So I thought I would write a little bit about what goes through my brain and maybe other content creators when we are trying to create content for Money Making ideas.

I spend up to 2 hours a day checking and populating my own spreadsheet with prices of items I feel are going to make an impact. So day to day im writing down Raw Materials for all crafts, Fragments, Legendary Mats + a few others things and what I am looking for is a drop in market/Supply or a potential hole to take advantage of.

So I am going to reference the above Video for the Arcana FragmentArcana Fragment I spent 3 hours testing all fragments and crafts on each station to see if Salvages, Aptitude or Mat BoxesMat Boxes where worth buying from TP and creating, I eventually found the Arcana Fragment on Barri EU what was selling at the time for around 150 Coin with Asmo selling at 250+.. I ran with the concept for 3 days before I released this into the world (one so I could get some mats and two I wanted to be sure) With this it works on most servers but on some it doesn’t as the Arcana FragmentsArcana Fragments are levelling out around the same price as AsmodeoumAsmodeoum.

At the moment I am working on a couple of other options and I hope to release them in the very near future keep an eye out my fellow Adventurers.