AGS delayed the decision to merge the RtA servers into Legacy (but not reverted, at least yet)

RtA server to be merged into Legacy

Let's start with sad news about the destination of the Return of Aeternum server. Despite the numerous requests of the players, as well as requests transmitted by AGS from many streamers, the servers remaining to live out their days after the event will not be merged with Fresh Server. This decision has been announced just minutes ago. Below we have prepared a table to make it easier to understand which server your character will be on after the merge is completed on December 6

Server NameRegionWill be merged with (UPD: ALL DELAYED just 3 Hours after announce)
DraculCentral EuropeCaer Sidi
DeathUS EastMaramma
TitanUS WestYggrasil
OverlordSouth AmericaAtlantis

While you may wonder why AGS made such a decision - it looks very simple on their side.

We believe that due to the nature and focus of Return to Aeternum worlds to accomplish specific goals, they’re now more in line with the Legacy worlds and merging into Fresh Start Worlds would negatively impact those worlds and economies


Which sounds totally ridiculous for one very simple reason: statement that fresh servers economy might be negatively impacted by the merge of event servers into them probably correct. But what about economies of RtA Fresh Servers? Ours (author of those words played on Death - US East server) servers economies will cease to exist at all. And the biggest deal there not just feel of missing opportunity - which is still there, because activity on legacy servers is nothing compared to fresh servers. Another big problem for local economies is the fact that due to the nature of how player has been onboarded to join RtA servers (via invite only system) economies of those servers were crystal clean from any kind of bots influence and those servers were the only servers without reports of bots camping nodes/spots/etc

Anyway, let's finish with bad news and fast forwards to good part of the update from AGS

Fresh Server Merges

For many players on fresh servers, these mergers can be called long-awaited. Especially considering the fact that the activity on most fresh servers in recent weeks has been below an acceptable level. Finally, players will have a chance to see more living characters around. The main question is remains: how many players have already left the game? Hopefully, this merger happens not too late and many players will consider joining back

It's a pity because the Winter Convergence 2022 is almost there and planned to be hit the server on the same day when merges will happen!

Below is a list of fresh servers and information about which server it will be merged into

Server NameRegionWill be merged with
EnkiduCentral EuropeArtemis
UltharCentral EuropeCrassus
JormungandrCentral EuropeImhotep
IliumCentral EuropeGalahad
MediaUS EastSeer
MyrddinUS EastAvalon
EnneadUS WestIsabella
MedusaUS WestYonas
NedenyekSouth AmericaMayari

What is your opinion, how many players will be back in the game when news about merges will reach them? You can share your thougth below!

UPDATE FROM 3:50 UTC -- AGS Delayed Decision to merge RtA servers!

RtA Community did it!
RtA Community did it!