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New World PVE: A Gold Making Machine

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New World PVE: A Gold Making Machine

Making gold in New World is an issue for a lot of players. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player who plays for just a couple of hours a week or a sweat lord who plays it like a fulltime job. It’s very likely that players from either of these categories have – at least once – experienced being as broke as the game was during its launch day.

While YOU are sitting there broke and in purple gear, you have noticed people trading gear for over gold cap. And an even more astonishing thing is that this gear finds its buyer really, really quickly.

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But who are these buyers? How do they make so much gold that they’re able to buy gear that sometimes costs three times the gold cap? The assumption of most players is that territory owners are the ones buying all this gear and outfitting their armies, but we have spoken about this and disproved it in my previous video. In turn, we are going to talk about all the ways that a PVE-centric player can make money in a self-sustaining way. These are techniques that I have personally learned and perfected after thousands of hours of game time.


We will start with one of the most basic ways of money making in the game, material refining. If you think refining seems basic and not really profitable if you want to accumulate large amounts of gold, I’m happy to say you are very wrong.

For refining, you will have to buy gear for each of the different trade skills. As of the making of this video the prices for Leatherworking, Weaving and Stone Cutting are absolutely low, while the prices for Woodworking are mixed – some pieces are expensive while others are cheap – and prices for Smelting are above 15k per piece.

Once you have the gear, you’ll want to head to the town where your crafting and trading taxes are lowest. I don’t mean town taxes – since after the Brimstone Update taxes are 0.5% for crafting and 2.5% for trading universally – but the town where your Territory Standing is the highest, a.k.a. Where you’ve chosen to lower taxes the most. For me, this would be Windsward. Although Everfall has currently my highest Standing, I did not know the mechanics well in the beginning of the game so I fell for the noob trap that Territory Standing actually is. I have since fixed this by doing everything in Windsward (and soon in Brimstone), also because the crafting stations are really close to each other.

There’s two ways to go about refining materials. The first is when you yourself go about gathering all the materials, so the cost of doing everything is virtually zero. This is extremely time consuming and not really all that reliable, since the number of people gathering in the open world is too big for the actual resources available in the game.

The second one, is buying the materials straight out of the Trading Post. While this seems counter-intuitive since you’d be spending gold to get gold, we’ll be going into the numbers in a bit.

What you will want to do first is calculate how many materials you need to craft the Tier 5 material that you are seeking to make. For this we will use to do our calculations and take Ironwood Planks as an example.

There are still some changes to be made to regarding the crafting calculator - such as being in the town’s owning company reducing crafting cost by 30%, the First Light fort being owned by your faction, and Territory Standing discounts are currently missing – but the site’s creators tell me that this will be updated very soon. I will leave a link to their discord in the description so you can know exactly when it is out.

Searching for Ironwood Planks under Items and then Resources, you will be able to enter what Woodworking gear you have and how many Ironwood Planks you want to craft. Let's say we want to craft 1000 of them. We would need:

4280Aged Wood
6588Green Wood
2970Obsidian Sandpaper

So you are buying all of these materials. Where is the profit? The profit comes mainly from the fort located in First Light. The fort’s bonus says “10% Global Refining Yield Boost” for everyone in the faction that controls it. It’s a pretty self explanatory bonus, but what most people fail to notice is that it does not mean that you get 100 Ironwood Planks out of crafting 1000. What it actually means is that you get 10% from each refinement that you do. In other words, everytime you turn Green Wood into Timber you get 10% more. And then, 10% more Lumber, 10% more Wyrdwood Planks, and lastly 10% more Ironwood Planks.

You are basically transmuting Tier 5 materials out of thin air, and into pure profit.

The cherry on top of this whole ordeal, is that - while you are making bank out of thin air - you are also leveling up your aptitude. You are getting free refining material, free azoth vials, free epic materials you need to craft legendary ones, and a slight chance to get schematics used to craft refining gear for free which you can in turn sell.

Chest Runs

The daily elite chest run has been a tradition ever since the beginning of the game. While it first started as a way to boost expertise when there was no other viable way to improve it, now it has become a way for players to farm materials with no downsides while you’re in a big zerg.

While a lot of people do elite runs, it is by far the least profitable way to make money in the game simply because of the time required to do it - often 2 hours - and the very low chances of getting the materials or gear that people are actually interested in.

Market Flipping

Market flipping is probably the hardest way to earn money in New World. While you do need to have a bit of gold to start off - 30k should be enough - it’s not the real issue. To be able to pull it off you need a really deep understanding of the current meta and current prices of items on your server, and - even worse - a lot of time in your hands.

Flipping the market means you will be sitting on the trading post for hours, checking hundreds of pages of listings one by one to find any piece that has been put up on sale way lower than it should’ve been. You then buy that piece, and sell it for the correct price.

I have very often bought gear for 500 or 4000 gold and sold it for 25k or 100k. Like I said before, the downside of this is that you need a really deep understanding of the current meta. So if you buy something that actually isn’t as good, you will be left with a small hole in your pocket from the purchase and the sale tax.

Mutation 10 Runs

If you are looking for consistent profit with virtually no downsides, then level 10 Mutations are the best way to go about it.

M10s are a gateway to a wide variety of money making ways, so let's look at some of them ranked from least to most profitable.

Scraps & Fragments

Whether you get good drops at the end of your run or not, you are guaranteed to get a few legendary drops and a ton of epic ones. Once you select and a few of those drops which are actually sellable, you have to salvage everything else that you got.

With the July Summer Patch, AGS added a chance to get Infused Scraps and Infused Fragments. Now while you may want to sell these fragments since they cost quite a bit of money, you can also check the market prices for each type of fragment and the price of Asmodeum. Most of the time, if you craft Asmodeum caches out of them for an even bigger profit.

And regarding Infused Scraps, it’s a great way to get free Tier 5 Materials since the scraps themselves are bound on pickup.


Some dungeons may have better drops than others, but during the 25 weekly mutation runs you are almost guaranteed to have a really good bind on equip drop that will give you tens or even hundreds of thousands of gold.

One quick look at listings on the market is all you need to do to understand that most listings selling for a lot of gold, are actually not crafted gear but drops from mutations.

Shard Selling

By far the most consistent way of getting gold in the game is selling umbral shards. With the Brimstone Update, AGS tried to make shard selling a non-viable possibility by making all lootable chests only appear after defeating the boss. All this did though is increase shard prices from 13k or 15k to 25k or even 30k.

You would be giving up on the loot at the end of the dungeon, but you’d be trading in RNG for a stable and very high salary.

With how drastically the prices of Best in Slot gear have fallen, you would be buying at least one - if not several - pieces for your build in one week, even if you did not sell all of your runs.


This video took a lot longer to make than I initially thought, and I really appreciate everyone who watched the up to the end. I plan on making more videos in the following days, so if you enjoyed this one please like, comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss out on future releases. At this stage of the channel, everything helps. See you guys in the next video!

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