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New World | Weapon Experience Leveling Guide

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Created by Feinnon
New World | Weapon Experience Leveling Guide


Welcome to New World Guides in this guide I am going to cover the different ways you could go about levelling your weapons and showing you some of the best places you could go to Power level them quickly too.

Weapon Leveling

In new world we have a numerous amount of weapons we can choose to play with and level with most people opting to level them all to have that option :


That being said to level 1 Weapon to the max you will need to grind 98,350 xp in total which is no easy task or is it?


There are many ways you can choose to level your weapons some being slower than others, but everyone has their limit when farming XP for a weapon. I am going to bring a few up and show you a few spots you could use.

I would suggest if you are going to level your weapons that you wait until you hit the magic level 60 and then go out and farm this XP. You can level a couple while levelling, but at 60 its a lot easier and more options open up.

Weapon XP Leveling Options

So there are a couple of standard viable options you can use and that is levelling them as you play. So what I mean by this is just picking weapons and levelling them via your daily chest runs, normal Dungeons, and while you farm. All these ways are a viable option but will take you a while to reach your goal and sometimes gets a bit tedious too.

But the following options are for the people who want to get these weapons leveled fast and ready to be

1, OceanView Post & ChannelView Post

Located in the north in Restless Shore, This area contains level 44-45 lost enemies in both camps. The idea here is you can pull one full camp kill them quick for 1000's of Weapon XP and then move the next kill all them and then repeat as by the time you come back to the second camp they will have responded giving you a massive XP per hour return. This area is best for AOE type weapons, but can be done with alternative weapons.

Best Weapons to use here Firestaff, Ice Gaunlet, Greatsword (these are couple shot mobs but in big packs)


2. Hibbotsfield

Located in the north of Mourningdale this area contains 2 full pulls of level 50 Corrupted mobs. These mobs do hit a little harder, but per pull you are reaping in around the 1300 Weapon XP mark and once you finish the 2nd part of the pull the 1st part is respawning so you can rinse and repeat the pulls. This is my favourite Solo spot to level weapons XP

Best Weapons to level here - Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Spear, Hatchet

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3. Nihilo Visage

Located in the west of Great Cleave this area is by far the best Weapon XP location you can get in New World with packs of Corrupted crawlers level 60, with each pack Yielding 1000+ weapon XP. You can do this solo, but a duo works best as sometimes these mobs hit hard. There are 8 to 9 pulls, you can do with the crawlers and they respawn roughly every 6/7 mins. I took a friend there and he leveled his life staff from level 10 to 17 in just under 35 mins. So if you have some friends and want to level some weapons fast get to this place!

Best Weapons to level here - Greatsword, Great Axe, Hammer (or any weapon in a group its a great area to group farm)

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4.Defiler Excavation

Located in central Great Cleave this area is excellent for you ranged weapons Musket mainly, but can be used for your Bow also. It is filled with Corrupted Level 42 Mob and you can stand on a well placed Rock and shoot all of them. Setting the Weapons up correctly for 1 shot kills is awesome. There are enough mobs from the rock to go round in a circle, kill them all and then turn back to kill 1 and its respawned. Loads of easy Semi AFK farming.

Best Weapons to farm here : Musket and Maybe Bow (Depends how good of a shot you are as some mobs are a fair way away)

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The above locations are by far my favourite spots in New World to level, but this doesn't mean there are not more...

I am currently working on some new spots and figuring out if Brimstone Sands has some better spots to offer, i am sure it will but please feel free to visit my and see all my other content, don't forget to hit the likes and subs to help me along the way...

Thank you for Reading



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